Not going to happen

This is a thing now?

Not going to happen. As livid and genuinely disappointed as liberals are about the tax “deal”, they’re not going to abandon ship. We know how that movie ends: Carter in 76, Reagan in 80 and Clinton in 92. Not to mention, most Democrats are perfectly happy with the President. I am willing to bet that even most activists who have passionately split with the President on the tax “deal” would admit that a second term President Obama is the best bet to continue progress on the issues that we care about.

This is the same impulse that led to the pointless and baseless talk about replacing Vice President Biden with Secretary Clinton. That’s not going to happen either – but words have to be written and shows have to be taped so there you go. Since 2008 there has been nonstop speculation about which Republicans will run. There’s something every week about Sarah Palin or Haley Barbour or Mittens. This split between the President and liberals is simply an opportunity for a bored media to finally wonder out loud about the Democrats.

It’s true that the talk will continue to “bubble up” in the short-term. That’s what party activists do. They talk and cajole and keep their leader’s feet to the fire. But it’s not going to amount to anything other than talk. Maybe it will push the President left or give him the support he needs to take a stand. Or not. As was made evident yesterday, the President sees his base as a bunch of sanctimonious, ungrateful whiners. We can always hope though.

And where were the Times editors on this – ” In 1960, the hipster John F. Kennedy represented for liberals something similar to what Mr. Obama embodied as a candidate…”

2 Responses to “Not going to happen”
  1. Jesse says:

    You’re right–as upset as I am about this new tax deal, and a lot of other stuff, I’ll still vote to re-elect him in 2012. For one, he has accomplished a lot of good stuff that he and the Democrats in congress are not receiving nearly the praise they deserve. For another, abandoning him means electing a Republican.
    But at the same time, Obama is not what we hoped he’d be when we elected him. In 2008, I voted because I believed in him. In 2012, I’m afraid I’ll just as much be voting against the other guy. This cynicism is the result of every failure he’s had.

    • Michael says:

      I completely agree with you Jesse. He is, seemingly, no longer the transformational leader we thought he was. Despite everything that has been accomplished.

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