And the baseball offseason was going so well

The Yankees resigned Derek Jeter (which is a good thing because that’s how it should be, he’s a Yankee. It would have been weird and hard to heckle him in another uniform).

Even better, the Sox remembered that they are the second richest team in baseball an unreal amount of money on two of the best ball players in the game.  The Crawford deal even had the bonus of helping the Rays continue to dismantle one of the most frustratingly good teams in the league.  Who knows, maybe they’ll sign Cliff Lee next or at least drive up his price.

And then this happened.  Luke Scott opened his mouth and the Orioles ran as far away as possible from their left fielder.  This birther stuff had almost died out.  Orly Taitz has disappeared, World Net Daily is focusing on other inane conspiracies…it’s not creative anymore.  It was boring, but now a decent baseball player has an opinion.  Sigh.

Then again – it’s one more reason to laugh at the O’s.


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