The first music review

I’m going to start close to home. With Seattle band Wesafari.

Disclosure time: I am quite good friends with Rick, the man behind Wesafari. But I’d tell him if his record was shit, so you can trust me. Luckily it’s not – in fact it’s quite good. Perhaps even a nod for my top ten of 10.

Ah, there I go and only make you wait a whole six sentences before the big reveal and spoil the ending.

Sea Survivors, that’s the name of the album, is great.  Let’s call it Indie Pop (?) which is the perfect music for 2010.  It taps into a mood – questioning, wanting, longing – without getting stuck in the muck of the culture and realities that have informed all of us over the past years.  Which isn’t an easy thing to do (See: Fire, Arcade The).

A followup to 2005’s more atmospheric Alaska, this 13 song collection doesn’t disappoint.  It’s well-paced and a clever album that won’t let you get bored.  With songs for the lovelorn, something to dance to, and even a song or two for those grappling with existential questions (“I killed a man who looks just like me to see if I remain…”) it’ll keep you warm on a long winter’s night.  Lions, the opening track, is one of those substantial feeling pop songs – it has a little soul and sets a proper tone for the rest of the album.  It’s easy for bands to flub the opening and never recover. Conversely too many albums have a great first song but seemingly left no energy for the rest of the work (see Film School.  I bought their latest on the strength of Heart Full of Pentagons and well, yeah).  Sea Survivors avoids both, following strongly with the obvious single Matchbox, the sweet Hiccup, and the shoegazing  Eye for an Ideal.  With a few other singable, danceable songs Sea Survivors should find itself on more than a few mp3 players over the next few months.

Listen here

I haven’t landed on a rating system yet.  So, the question is: Is Sea Survivors worth parting with 10 dollars this holiday season? Yes.

Pertinent Details: Title, LabelSea Survivors, 2010 Wesafari music. What you are getting yourself into – 13 songs,  58 minutes and 37 seconds. Song Justin Timberlake is going to wish was hisMatchbox. Descriptive lyric – “I make mistakes and I get the shakes and I don’t see straight and I overcompensate …You are a sugar cube, you are a space suit, you’re just anything I want and I want…” Number of tracks good for singing along to, at the top of your lungs, in the car  – at least three. Find it:, Easy Street, Sonic Boom, Silver Platters, iTunes, Cafe Fiore on Queen Anne (maybe even meet the band there, eek!)

With a stripped down set, Wesafari is fun to see live.  They’ll be at the Comet on January 22nd.

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  1. […] And totally check out Wesafari’s show at the Croc this Wednesday (February 23rd).  They’re headlining and playing with Lazer Kitty (awesome name!).  Read about their latest, Sea Survivors. […]

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