This is what happens when you give in

This is why the tax cut “deal” was a bad idea. Or maybe with was this. Wait, was it this? Since the President chose not to lead by making his point about the long-term damage the tax cuts will do and standing firm, the Republicans were not held accountable. And it’s only going to get worse. They were never made to defend their unconscionable position and they won. Why would they give in now?

I’m not naive. And neither are the activists, elected officials, and writers who are the President derided as sanctimonious We understand that it was the best deal that he could get. And that’s the problem. He didn’t make the Republicans give an inch. And now they know they don’t have to. Get in the way, obstruct, refuse – and the President and Democrats won’t hold them accountable. They effectively control the Senate from the minority.  And the President has shown that he won’t fight.

So the Republicans can wait it out.  Block votes on DADT, START, the DREAM Act, and healthcare for 9/11 responders.  What are the Democrats going to do?  What is the President going to do?  The “deal” on the Bush Tax cuts showed the Republicans that the President is all talk – he won’t stand on principle.  He’ll compromise before he has to, like he did with the wage freeze for federal employees.  I hope he proves me and the Republicans wrong.  If not – this country is going to be in a terrible place over the next couple of years.


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