Really? No. Really?

1. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is going to teach a class on the Constitution to members of Congress, led by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  I’m sure there is nothing wrong with that.  Maybe they’ll learn about the Separation of Powers.

2. “Activist” judges aren’t destroying the fabric of our democracy when they rule the way you want them to.  Also, there is no conflict of interest when they own a portion of the consulting firm that works for you.

3.  Maybe we should listen to him, we have been in Afghanistan longer than the Soviets.  R.I.P. Richard Holbrooke

4. I am a little surprised by this.  I didn’t think they had any accountability in them.  The J.E.T.S. are terrible.

5. Yes. He’s a spineless, terrible, shapeshifter who seems to relish being contrary to piss off the people who didn’t want him back in 2006.  But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.  He still has a long way to come back for democrats to support him again.

6. It was terrible what happened when the carpetbaggers and the NBA stole the Sonics two years ago.  It’s no good not having a team here.  But could we really do the same thing to another city?  At least NOLA is fighting back – something Seattle didn’t do.

7.  Because. This. Is. Awesome.


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