Person of the Year: I’ll buy it

Time says Mark Zuckerberg is the Person of the Year.  There is no reason to argue with that.  He created Facebook which has continually challenged our thinking about privacy, even if Facebook never seems to want to hear what we think.   It’s hard to dispute the impact that Facebook has had on the world. For better or worse, and sometimes it’s worse, (see, Farmville, ridiculous status memes, etc. And look at what it has done to the Christmas card industry), Facebook is the most significant website in the world.  It’s changed how we communicate, who we communicate with, and how we think about connections in our life.

Though I wonder if Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher should share a piece of the pie.  Regardless of the 500 million users and the issues that Facebook has with privacy without The Social Network we wouldn’t be thinking about Facebook so much.  It would simply be a product that we interact with, not a website with a personality who doesn’t believe in privacy.  Even with the wonderful $100 million donation to New Public Schools, Mark Zuckerberg would be background radiation for most of the world.


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