Lame comic book movie angers lame white supremacist

I had no idea how seriously white supremacists take their movies loosely based on comic books very loosely based on Norse mythology.  They have a blog, a facebook page, and an internet poll! And readers.

I was never a fan of Thor in my comic book reading days – it was lame.  He was the lamest superhero on the lamest team of superheroes outside of The Fantastic Four. That said, the move looks like harmless and fun fluff, a great way to spend a couple of hours.  I bet Idris Elba is going to be great.  He was the best part of The Wire, outside of Omar, and Luther is a pretty good show too.  I think they might be taking things a little too seriously, but I’m probably not the first person to accuse them of that.

It also appears the author is also slightly offended that 1987’s Masters of the Universe “ruined” Dolph Lundgren’s career.  Which is weird, because both are awesome.  Or he might be upset the Guardian’s film critic brought up that painful memory. Whichever it is, I have two questions: Really? And, Really?

And look how cleverly he lets you know that Stan Lee is Jewish.

Oy.  These people exist and, while it’s tempting to ignore them, it’s important to point out how brazenly moronic their worldview is.  Go see Thor when it comes out.  Sit in an air-conditioned theater and watch some guy beat people up with a magical hammer.


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