The weekend that was

1. For all the criticism of the Senate as the place where common sense and American values go to die, finally.  They did their job and ended the state-sanctioned discrimination of Gays and Lesbians.  Now on to START!

2. Wait, no – fuck.  Seemingly everyone supports START and understands the implications of not passing it except for the 34 or so Senate Republicans filibustering it.  The previous iterations of this treaty all passed in less than a week or so under Presidents of both parties.  The Republicans are most definitely opening themselves up to the criticism usually hurled at Democrats – that they are putting partisan interests ahead of national security.  Unfortunately the Democrats are tend to look like Rick Ankiel as a pitcher when it comes to messaging like that.

3. Great.  Help usher in the crisis by encouraging people to purchase loans they can’t afford and then not let them use a slightly less damaging-to-their credit tool to avoid foreclosure.  Then foreclose and actually make less on it.  I’m not absolving borrowers from making stupid decisions, but denying or delaying short sales, foreclosing, and then selling the home for less at auction helps no one – not the bank, not the borrower, not the economy.

4. Oh, is he now?  Why doesn’t he start by not calling his base sanctimonious anymore, and leading the country toward big D principles.  Or, reach out to liberals by not adopting Republican positions.  As Senator McConnell said Sunday (as he was promising to obstruct everything), “…And the president’s willing to come and adopt positions that, frankly, I and my members hold anyway; why would we say no?”

5.  A bunch of people got Tronned this weekend.  I will join them tomorrow.  At the new Cinerama.  It won’t be good, but it’ll be awesome.


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