We love the Constitution so much we want to change it

New Republican legislators have decided that it’s time to allow states like Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Kentucky to decide whether a federal law is good enough for the rest of us.  In the past two years we’ve seen a desire to repeal the 17th amendment (“the rabble shouldn’t be allowed to choose their own Senators”) and a misreading of the 10th amendment (“the Founders didn’t explicitly say the Federal government can do that and we don’t like it so, nyah”).  Add this bizarre attempt to allow small states to nullify laws passed by the Congress it seems that Republicans are dreaming not of  their version if the United States of America but rather, the States of America who just happen to share a continent.

Seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned based on population to ensure that will of the American people is expressed through their Representatives.  It is designed to make sure that Representatives from smaller states don’t have an outsized influence on the laws of the land.  It’s why the House is where bills get passed and law gets made and the Senate is where bills go to die.  In the Senate  a few Republicans can filibuster a bill that would provide healthcare for 9/11 First Responders.  A bill that is paid for and that a majority of Americans support.  It’s why every ten years there is a gigantic fight over congressional redistricting.

Luckily, this idea probably won’t go anywhere – in any practical way.  It will be brought up as a talking point whenever people don’t like something that passes Congress and is signed by the President.  Still, it’s a troubling sign that half of our elected officials believe, in some way, that the Congress is nothing more than a bunch of usurpers.

One Response to “We love the Constitution so much we want to change it”
  1. Jesse says:

    Doesn’t it feel like we really should split the country in two? It’d be an experiment. States can vote which of the polar opposites they’d prefer–following conservative ideology or following progressive ideology. Then we reconvene in 15 years and see how we’re doing–the one that is most successful, with highest education standards, most stable economy, highest health standards, best-valued currency, etc etc will be what takes the newly re-united USA forward.

    I think I’ll run for office on the ‘lets split the country in two’ platform.

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