Christmas Specials and WA-10, a good day.

1. The best Christmas Special ever? Pretty much.

2. A pretty good day for Washington, the State.  Redistricting should be fun. And completely impartial, I’m sure.  WA-10 is going to make 2012 a spectacular mess as politicians throw their hats into the ring.

3. OMG! The Senate did another thing today.  Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship in the Senate?  Nah.  The Republicans simply and inexplicably love START again.  I don’t see the gain in the histrionics of the past weeks, do you?

4. Still waiting on the 9/11 First Responders Bill.  Tom Coburn is an unapologetic monster.  He makes Peter King the reasonable one on this.

5. It’s like they’re playing highschool kids.  Congrats UConn Women.

6. This is important.  This is how we end homelessness as a condition.  Get people into housing, without conditions, and give them the services they need.  It’s worked in Seattle at 1811 Eastlake and works where ever service providers have been able to provide Housing First.


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