You should see this movie

Tonight I saw Rare Exports, a wonderful Finnish Christmas Story.  It was spectacular.  In every way.  It is a film that should defy review, but I’ll give a taste.  It was shot in the mountains in snow.  It’s pretty.  The acting is good, in fact the main characters, a father and son, are actually father and son.  It’s a fun story that involves various bits of the darker legends of Santa Claus, disappearing children, naked geriatric elves, and a bit of suspense.  Essentially, there is a legend that Santa is really a horned demon who feasts on naughty children.  A long time ago the Sami people got tired of Santa and tricked him into fallen in a frozen lake.  They buried him in a mountain.

Years later a half-cocked American finances a dig to unearth the Santa Claus.   And go. 

The movie clocks in at a quick 84 minutes.  It’s never slow and fairly tense.  It’s funny and there are more than a few surprises.  It never fully pays off, but that hardly diminishes the fun.  Totally worth it, if it’s anywhere near you.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, 2010


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