Who wins the day?

Cindy Jacobs: prophetess, genius, knower of things.

Rush Limbaugh was close for a bit. But his rant about Democrats from the Democrat (ic, I believe it’s Democratic, Rush) Party wanting to blame anyone but Loughner and thus save him from jail time is par for his woefully small course.

But Cindy Jacobs.  She understands.  She knows.  And she’s going to explain it to us.  You see, it’s been a while since a mainstream televangelist blamed “The Gays” for something like a hurricane or terrorist attack.  Unfortunately it seems like she’s mailing it in – her explanation of events leading to the fish kill and birds falling out of the sky is a bit strained (We have a Governor named Beebe and it happened in Beebe…) It’s almost as if she doesn’t really believe it, but since it’s time to blame “The Gays” for something, here goes.  Even “prophets” need to take a day off, I suppose.

Glock and gun dealers came close too.  Apparently a mass murder with your weapon is good for sales.  More hand cannons with no need for permits to conceal it as you wait for your latte at Starbucks.  *sigh*

This is just cool.  Anti-matter thunderstorms and gamma rays just about Zambia.  My inner geek said – eek!

This is officially the end of Real-Life Superheroes, right?  Still, they create great TV. I love the point in the video when the “Guardian of Seattle” almost said, ” I would have dodged the bullet” in response to the reporters query – “He had a gun, you don’t have a gun…What if he shot you?” Whatever, these self-styled, attention seeking “heroes” have nothing on Patricia Maisch, Roger Sulzgeber, Joseph Zimudie, and Daniel Hernandez, Jr.


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