Yes, Mrs. Palin, it’s not about you

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Timing is everything. Today is about the victims of the Tuscon shooting, Mrs. Palin.

Is it too much to point out that Mrs. Palin was proud of her cross-hairs map before she wasn’t or that they were bullseyes before they were “surveyor marks”?

I am trying to work myself up into a lather over this and I can’t.  It’s just more sketchy opportunism and hypocrisy on Mrs. Palin’s part.  Her video is about her and rehabilitating her image on a day that should be free of politics.  She asks us when our political culture was less heated.  It was when those who disagreed with us simply disagreed with us.  They weren’t “un-American” and we didn’t have to “reload” to make our point.

She knows what blood libel means, right?

This tragedy is a “gut check” moment for us.  Our political culture is out of hand.  There is a reason that many reasonable people’s first thought was that this was a political event.  Our opponents are no longer people who have a different idea on how to move us toward a brighter future, but are UnAmerican, fascist, totalitarian.  It’s no longer about rigorous debate – it’s about fear.   It’s time that we realize we can have passionate, civil disagreements without turning our opponents into the bogeyman who need to be stopped with anything other than another election.  Because our country is not lost when the other side wins – it’s lost when we forget that it’s OK for the other side to win – because that is the essence of the American experiment.


Mrs. Palin has pulled her video, ostensibly after reaction to her use of the term “blood libel”.  Until this morning I did not know what “blood libel” meant.  The Anti Defamation League released a statement just before the video was pulled. The Politico has the full text of the pulled video.

Update 2:

The video is back up

One Response to “Yes, Mrs. Palin, it’s not about you”
  1. Lavender says:

    Yes! Your concluding sentence is absolutely correct! We need to get that logic back in the framework of our national debate.

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