You’re right: Gun control is stupid

A quick roundup of nationally reported gun incidents over the past week or so.

This took five minutes.  There are more.  Some involve illegal or stolen firearms but a lot of these crimes were committed with legally purchased and permitted guns.  We have a problem in this country, but there are those who won’t let us face up to it.  Any discussion of gun control is tantamount to tearing up the constitution as a piece of performance art.

It’s time for us to have a debate in this country.  If not we’re going to see more of this, we’re going to here more people talk about gun violence as something “normal”:

This 14 year old needed a gun for his birthday.  It was purchased legally by his father.

A potentially bullied 17 year old brings a gun to school in his backpack and accidentally shoots two classmates.

A 10 year old shoots his mother after arguing about chores in rural Ohio.

You ate my cake and/or my french fries.  I have a gun.

There was a shooting on the Lower East Side.  When asked about the shooting a resident said, “This is normal”

For more just google “Gun incidents January 2011”

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