Late morning, what’s Congress doing today?

1. It’s funny, because it’s true.  Today, “Congress Yells at Its Bank”.  Congress will take time today to point out China’s failings in an attempt to distract us from Congress’ lack of work.  It’s empty, bipartisan blathering which  I guess it’s OK because Republicans and Democrats finally agree on something.

Nevermind that they are just yelling because we need a bad guy and, why not China?  Are they actually going to do anything more than insult Hu Jintao? No.  Because China is not only the largest holder of U.S. Treasury Bonds, but China is increasingly importing U.S. goods.  There is plenty that they could do.  Congress could work to get our house in order, reduce the deficit and our debt.  Find ways to raise taxes, cut spending, and reform Social Security and Medicare.  There are many, many ideas out there, but we can’t seem to get past tax cuts.  We allow China to manipulate its currency, abuse the rights of its citizens, and undermine world consensus on Iran and North Korea because we’ve put ourselves in a weak position by refusing to face facts and get our economy in order.

And also, China’s imminent dominance is not so imminent.  For more on China, check out the Autumn 2010 edition of the Wilsonian Quarterly

2. It’s a good thing that this, never certified, OB/GYN in Philly was arrested.  He appears to be an ethic-less, sadistic, bungling monster.  If what he has alleged to have done is proven to be true e, along with his accomplices, should rot in prison.  The accusations are enough to make your stomach turn.  While this seems to be about Roe V. Wade and abortion, it’s not.  How this man and his clinic was never reported to the authorities is disturbing.  This case is more about a broken system that didn’t catch this terrible person posing as a responsible doctor than it is about abortion.  It’s more wide-ranging.  How are we following up with Doctor’s licenses? How are we inspecting to ensure clean facilities and proper procedures? Let’s hope this case leads us to stronger inspection and reporting systems for medical procedures.

3. While we’re on the subject of abortion and choice, Rick Santorum thinks black people can’t be Pro-Choice.

4. It’s great news that fewer people are filing for unemployment.  Let’s just remember that there are still a lot of people who have simply given up their search.

5. It’s weird that all of the exiled, former leaders of Haiti are returning, right?

6. I’m glad this is what the NYPD is showing their officers during counter-terrorism training. Especially because more than 600 will patrol the World Trade Center Site.

7. Joe Lieberman compared himself to JFK on his way out.

8. Flashmobs are a little played at the point, but this is fun.  The message couldn’t be more important.  The budget deficit in Washington, the State may force the Legislature to cut Disability Lifeline.  Disability Lifeline is a last resort benefit for people who can’t work due to injury or illness.  It’s already been reduced to a paltry $266 dollars per month – we can’t afford to have it cut further.


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