Oscars! But more importantly, a Seinfeld movie.

1- This is what happens when you decide to nominate ten films for Best Picture. You nominate Toy Story. And then the director uses one of his character’s catch phrases to capture his excitement. I liked Toy Story, it was a touching movie and a great way to end the series – but a best film it is not. It won’t win, because The King’s Speech will win. Or True Grit.  Or Inception.  Or Black Swan.  Or The Social Network (not really).  Nominating more people and films still won’t make the Oscar’s fun to watch. And neither will James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Because, really?

2 – We’re making movie style trailers for books now?  Does it really help Tim Pawlenty to play the stock president from a disaster movie to sell his book?   Besides, the trailer is superfluous because Tim Pawlenty’s publishers already figured out how to sell his book – steal Sarah Palin’s cover design and dress your “author” like Sarah Palin.

3 – Admit it.  You would totally watch Jerry the Great.  In 3-D.  You’d also watch The Pig Man or any of the Seinfeld “dramas“.

4 – Every time it looks like Hollywood as scraped everything from the bottom of the barrel, they find something else.  Hugh Jackman is starring in Rock’em, Sock’em Robots: The Movie.  Otherwise known as Real Steel.  Technically it’s based on a short story that was featured in an episode of the Twilight Zone, but it’s Rock’em, Sock’em Robots.  Starring Hugh Jackman.  This and (Grandmaster Flash) and Furious5 is going to make this a long summer for movies.

5 – If I invest in my own pair of 3-D glasses can I go back to paying a 2-D ticket price for terrible movies?


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