Aloe Blacc: “Good Things”

There is a time to be subtle and a time to call it like you see it.  There is a time to make music that speaks to the times, the realities that surround us.  But you have to do it without depressing us.

Aloe Blacc’s straightforward and gorgeous soul collection, Good Things, has given us that.  An album that essence of the troubles we face today, yet makes us want to listen to it over and over.  It’s the early 21st century by way of classic soul.  Blacc starts with an anthem for the 17% of us who are unemployed – I Need Dollar and let’s the story roll on from there.  Channeling What’s Going On?, Blacc talks us through heartbreak, unemployment, love and loss.  It’s an album that tells the story of the Great Recession.

Blacc handles the pitfalls of writing about heady topics like loss, desperation, and love in the 21st century deftly.  The lyrical context can be dark at the times, but the music is bright and engaging.  His voice is smooth and sings with a wisdom beyond his 31 years.  You know what else?  You want to dance when you hear it.  By yourself, with your squeeze.  You want to dance and commiserate and dream of better things to come.

Check it out: 2010 Stones Throw Records. 13 songs.

Listen here


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