Mixtape: Beirut

I was recently at a bar that makes fancy drinks.  Whiskey Drinks, Vodka Drinks, Scotch Drinks (see how I came dangerously close to getting you to sing “He takes the Whiskey Drink / He Takes the Vodka Drink /…He sings the songs that remind him of the good times…”).  They make good drinks.  And they were spinning Beirut’s The Flying Cup Club, one of my favorites.  From the large picture window the bar looks west to Queen Anne and the Olympic Mountains.  The dark blue sky was still streaked with the pinks and oranges that are typical when the dusk is relatively clear in Seattle.  They serve truffle popcorn.

The Flying Cup Club is perfectly suited to a night like that and fancy drinks.  It’s slightly hipsterish and influenced by Serge Gainsbourg, amongst others.  It’s a little French and full of longing and love and a search for grace.  Plus it was recorded with a euphonium (yes, I had to look it up – it’s a brass instrument that looks like a tuba), mandolin, accordion, and even a conch shell.  There’s this bizarre little story on the backside cover about hot air balloons and beaches and a retired legionnaire.  In short, a great album for friends and drinks and dusk.

Having thought this, I mentioned it.  Or something along those lines – it was probably the more pedestrian, “I love that they’re playing this record.”  After that I was asked to make a Beirut mix for those who haven’t yet felt the love, as it were.  Here it is – but I have rules.

1 – This is the list.  There is no other. 2 – No shuffling the first time around. 3 – Or the second.

Brandenburg – Gulag Orkestar
My Family’s Role In The World Revolution – Lon Gisland EP
Guyamas Sonora – The Flying Cup Club
Cliquot – The Flying Cup Club
Scenic World (Version) – Lon Gisland EP
In the Mausoleum – The Flying Cup Club
Carousels – Lon Gisland EP
My Wife, Lost In The Wild – Realpeople Holland
Postcards from Italy – Gulag Orkestar
Elephant Gun – Elephant Gun (3 Track Maxi-Single)
Mt. Wroclai (Idle Days) – Gulag Orkestar
The Concubine – Realpeople Holland
Napoleon On The Bellerophon – Pompeii
Nantes – The Flying Cup Club
After The Curtain – Gulag Orkestar

Listen to all here

Pic Via | Photo Credit: edgardrsjr


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