Introducing Rick Wright

Another writer!

Rick Wright, the brains behind fabulous Seattle outfit Wesafari, has joined We Are Now. Ostensibly Rick will write about music and maybe even movies, but perhaps so much more.  He comes with great insight into music, the industry, making it, and good taste in films.  You’ll like him.

Just to be clear, he’s not a sycophant who will agree with everything I believe about things.  Like this: Rick despises Hotel California (weird, right?).  I don’t. In fact, I like trying to find as many different versions of that song as possible.

We’re also simpatico at times. We both think that the Decemberists are a bit overblown. Enough with the serious songs about serious issues like highwaymen. And why don’t they ever smile?

I’m not quite sure what his writing schedule will be, but you’ll see him soon.  Perhaps with a review of the Radiohead record that I pre-panned this morning?

And totally check out Wesafari’s show at the Croc this Wednesday (February 23rd).  They’re headlining and playing with Lazer Kitty (awesome name!).  Read about their latest, Sea Survivors.


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