The Morning: March 21, 2011

Why would they want to write a budget? First working day of the new three-week Continuing Resolution and Congress is in recess.

A Third War: The lack of Congressional approval is disturbing (and unconstitutional and illegitimate) but  if we’re going to use our military might for anything, stopping the slaughter in Libya is right.  That being said, the President should have made his case the Congress and the people.  Going to Congress would have been a risk, but it would have shown that the President was willing to debate the proper use of our force.  It may have also shown that he doe snot believe in the imperial presidency.  Finally, without the debate there are too many questions that we’re left to answer including, what is the point of the war if Gaddafi is not ousted?

Of course they took pictures: More soldiers posing with dead civilians.  What does it say about military culture if soldiers think, regardless of whether the deaths are justified or not, that it’s alright to pose with dead bodies?  This is our military and this has to stop.

This is mixed news: Amid estimates of the death toll rising to 18,000 and smoke at one of the reactors, reports are coming in that the nuclear situation may be stabilizing.  Unfortunately, it may be short-lived.  Repairs to needed equipment may take two to three days.

But T-Mobile customer service representatives are so nice and AT&T is terrible:  Why would we want competition in the mobile phone industry?

Sure, smart politics says keep out of it:  The President may want to let the Republicans flounder as they try to write a budget, but if not now on Social Security, then when is the President going to lead?  Even when Congress comes up with something first, it’s not going to be anything the White House will get behind.

Best sentence of the day: Courtesy of the New York Times, “His aides and admirers affectionately call him T-Paw.”  T-Paw is officially exploring the most boring Presidential campaign in years!  Announcing on the Facebook. Today!

It appears that money does talk.  Arizona to be a little less douchy on brown people.

The whole “politics stops at the water’s edge” thing is quaint: Do paid trips to other countries count as foreign policy experience?

Of course they went to a mall.   “Ms. Palin and her husband, Todd, were in India for such a short time that they did not get a chance to see the Taj Mahal, in part because it is closed on Fridays, the only day they had free time. Instead, according to local media reports, they went to one of New Delhi’s glitzy new shopping malls”

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