The Morning: March, 22 2011

It’s definitely unconstitutional: It might be right, but the war in Libya has not been approved by Congress.  The semantics of the debate are interesting.  For those who believe, as Michael Lind does, that the action in Libya violates the Constitution, it’s war.  To others, it’s a campaign.  Maybe it’s time for the President to address the nation.  The President has clearly been reluctant to take this action, which is a welcome change from a decade of U.S. War policy, but we still deserve an explanation.

America’s Freedom Packages: The Daily Show gets it righter than anyone.

Did we really need an expert to tell us this? Yes, unfortunately. The UN declares Water and sanitation as a Human Right for all, even slum-dwellers and the homeless.

Hunger. Action. Week. Hundreds of people in Seattle are raising awareness about hunger by spending less than $7 per day for food.

The cease-fire appears to be over: Seventeen Palestinians, including children, are injured in Israeli airstrikes after rocket attacks.

A stain on his father’s legacy: Franklin Graham channels his inner Glenn Beck and claims the President has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the government.

He’s only going to get louder now: “T-Paw” forms an exploratory committee and Herman Cain helpfully tells Muslims “The role of Muslims in America is not to convert the rest of us to the Muslim religion”.  I hope he has enough money to stick around through the debates.

AT&T ruins everything it touches: Which means regulators probably won’t have a problem reducing consumer choices.

You get a Geiger counter and you get a Geiger counter and you get a Geiger counter: The “not for personal use” Geiger counters have sold out world-wide.  The panic started in France, where they get 80% of their power from nuclear plants.

You go all the way to Israel to see Bethlehem: And your team forgets to call ahead.  Perhaps there is a fancy new mall the Palins can visit.

The Vanilla Ice “It’s not the same” defense: Apple sues Amazon for violating the trademark on App Store.  Amazon says “uh uh.  Our “Appstore” is totally different, there is no space and a lower case”s”.

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