It’s Still Morning: March 23, 2011

I made a ridiculous hit piece and all I got was massive credit card debt: Jackass and fake journalist James O’Keefe appeals to supports to help pay the debt have incurred by selectively editing videos to get line workers at Planned Parenthood, USDA, and ACORN fired.

And we’re back to tit for tat in Israel and the West Bank: A bomb explodes in Jerusalem killing one and injuring 25.  Israel is blaming Hamas.  Expect airstrikes.

I’m not sure who’s the worst columnist at a major paper: Richard Cohen decides that Mr. Obama is like Milton Berle, plus he let frogs from France actually lead this effort.  Maureen Dowd picks up on the “The President was nagged by his women into war in Libya” meme.  Dowd concludes with this, “Yet both men started wars of choice with a decision-making process marked more by impulse and reaction than discipline and rigor.”  Which is a nice way of saying the women are emotional and impulsive and men aren’t.  If only the President listened to his men.  I’m glad David Gregory has stopped inviting Dowd on to Meet the Press.

Indiana couldn’t bust unions.  That means it’s time to mess with the gays:  A bill to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage is moving onto the full State Senate.  According to State Senator Dennis Kruse, “The basic unit of our society is our family, and I think the cornerstone of the family is the marriage of a man and a women and having children,” he said. “I think that is part of the main thrust of the whole idea here is to protect that unit that is basic to our society and all other societies.”  You see homosexuals are attacking families and the law banning gay marriage is not enough – it needs to be in the constitution.

Realizing he’s from Massachusetts: Scott Brown won’t support cuts to Planned Parenthood.  It may lead to a government shutdown when Congress gets back from recess.  They’ll have two weeks to pass another C.R. or an actual budget.  Symbolic cuts to NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood, and more will be sticking points.  Tea Party Republicans are going to want a fight and may not back down this time.  Democrats are posturing like they might actually fight, even though the President has been silent.  Even if they pass a C.R. or a budget we’ll have this fight again when it’s time to raise the debt ceiling.  Expect a much bigger fight on that.  Yay.



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