The Morning: March 23, 2011

A Platform of Pro-Choice for lightbulbs and toilets that work: Senator Paul (R-Big Baby) is considering a run for President.  As long as it’s not against his dad.

Katrina did it in a week: We’re seeing the evaporation of another American city.  Only it’s taken so long that we haven’t quite noticed it.

I guess it’s never too late: The U.S. threatens to sue major institutions for stiffing credit unions.

Of course we’re not going to say anything: Another mortar attack, another air strike that kills civilians and children.  So much for proportional responses.

Can you be a hipster if you have to search for hipster bars on yelp? Right?

More like Yeats or Eliot? Twenty four hours of Glenn Beck?  Survey says…yes.

Perhaps we’ll say something because we don’t have a base in Damascus: The Syrian Government is storming mosques and killing civilians.

Our reporter can beat up your reporter: Fox and CNN find a way to make the war in Libya about them.  We already have too little and too un-critical reporting of international events by our major cable outlets.  The last thing we need is a pissing match about who is tougher and who is a pansy.  Tell us about the war, not how you’re covering it.

He was right in the nineties and he’s right now:  He was drummed out of the Clinton administration, but he was right.  If Democrats started listening to Robert Reich, just a little more, they might win a few more elections.

Then why are we firing so many missiles? The problem with the President’s lack of communication about Libya and what we hope to get out of it is only exacerbated when he says that Gaddafi may hold on until the bombing is over.  It’s also nice to see him note the irony of a Peace Prize winner going to war.

I’m suspicious this means they’ll charge me for the seatbelt: International disasters and a sputtering economy mean tough times for airlines.

This is a haunting book and a beautiful movie: “We all complete.  Maybe none of us understand what we live through”


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