The Morning: March 24, 2011

Is this the trickle down? The Federal government reduces aid to states (FMAP, etc) and states are forced to cut help to cities.  Cities have few options but to raise taxes or cut services.  And so goes the American recession.  Wall Street recovers, the rest of us don’t.

With Hunger Action Week in mind: NPR tries to untangle what it means when advocates say federal budget cuts mean fewer people will be served.  Unsurprisingly they find that it depends on your point of view.  Though this is a nice little nugget about Rep. Jack Kingston believing that housebound seniors, pregnant women and children can just “go on food stamps” if Congress cuts funding for delivery of food packages.

Doesn’t Detroit have it bad enough right now? Security personnel find a bomb that was left in lost and found for three weeks at the Federal building in Detroit.  You see, the government has farmed out some security to contractors.  A private guard found the package outside the building and brought it to lost and found.  Three weeks later another guard decided to x-ray the package and found “something out-of-place“.

He’s right and he’s wrong and that’s sad: Rep Anthony Weiner on SCOTUS and why they will rule against the healthcare law (hint: they’re partisan with a five-four split in the wrong direction).  The Rep. takes it a step further and says that this will pave the way for a public option.  I’m not sure what Congress he thinks he’s serving in, but unless the Democrats get their act together for 2012 things won’t change.  The Republicans will let any public option die in committee.  Even if the House flips back, it has to get through the Senate.  Senator Reid has proven himself unable to pull a major change off in the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”.

This isn’t disturbing at all: And I’m pretty sure I know what it says about us.

Losing a political campaign is like losing at American Idol: You never go away.

He’s just as transparent as President Bush: The U.S. still doesn’t keep track of civilians killed in drone attacks.  The areas the drones work are too dangerous for reporters so we’re left with whatever the DoD and CIA decide to tell us.

Sidewalk chalk kills.  Pass it on:  A town in Australia bans sweet and earnest children’s art because someone could trip over a child and into traffic.

Good for you Texas. Poor people don’t need to vote: The State House passes a new voter ID requirement.  We all now how easy it is for poor people and homeless people and immigrants to find the documents needed to get an ID.  And we know how easy it is for wage workers to spend hours at the DMV to get said ID.

Are the missiles even working? Gaddafi’s tanks resume their attacks after the missiles fall during the night.  President Obama comes home to a sea of criticism and we still aren’t clear on why we’re there.  If we want to protect civilians, what will happen if the Allies leave and Gaddafi is still in power?

You know what else Texas wants to do? Protect creationists from discrimination. But no protection for the gays in the workplace.


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