The Morning: March 25, 2011

Does Congress still have to declare a Kinetic Military Action? The Administration can’t stop prevaricating about the Libya.  Because we all want a leader who will drop bombs on someone else and put our troops in harm’s way and not know what to call it.

Unemployed Americans – it’s your turn to get slapped: Michigan and Florida (Tea Party governors) are leading the way to reducing unemployment benefits when 13.7 million people are unemployed.  But really, it’s to protect the unemployed – “This makes sure we have that lifeline still in place,” Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel said. “It was a necessary compromise. The votes to do anything else weren’t there otherwise.”

Archeology is cool: Evidence that humans were in North America 2,500 years earlier than previously thought was found outside Austin.  Of course it would be Austin.

This is worth repeating: Congressional Republicans found a novel way to increase hunger and bust unions.

10,000 dead and a possible reactor breach: Japan can’t catch a break and are making this up as they go. Donate at

More rockets and more airstrikes: Someone has to step in, right?

Hey, you’re not white and you’re in a neighborhood where a lot of non-white people might be in a gang – hands in the air: Washington’s A.G. is still pushing a bill that would give courts more power to issue protection orders and police to arrest people in areas with gang activity.

“Double Life” seems off: A UW Professor and Libyan in exile returns home to fight alongside the rebels and join the provisional Government.  The Seattle Times decides his life using a term normally reserved for con men and fugitives.

So she’s running for President: Rep. Bachmann hires a birther who wants to calculate taxes in gold and silver.  It gets better and better for Mitt Romney and even Tim Pawlenty (R-Snooze).

Never trust anyone named Jimmer: Is the six-foot-two BYU star the next Great White Hope for a league that has forever had issues with race?

Scream all you want Buck, your team is still going to finish in 5th place: Maybe 4th.  Orioles Manager Buck Showalter has some fighting words for the Sox and Yankees.

The future of books:2060: Physical books will make a comeback in annoying contexts


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