The Morning: March 28, 2011

One of these thing is exactly like the others? The U.S. joins China, North Korea, Iran, and Yemen in carrying out the most executions last year.  Even though the global trend is toward abolition.

So, Haley Barbour goes on Bryan Fischer’s radio show: As President he would reinstate DADT in order to save our soldiers from the deadly distraction of an “Amorous Mindset”.  That way gays won’t get in the save of “saving people’s lives and killing bad guys”

Make everyone go through metal detectors or let anyone bring a gun: Arizona makes it nearly impossible for public concert venues to keep guns out of events.  If a bar wants to keep guns out, they must have a “gun locker”. Because we want to make it easy to mix guns and alcohol.

Moron says something stupid and UCLA’s Chancellor uses YouTube to tell her how vapid she is: UCLA responds to the student who complained about Asian students on cellphones a day after the quake by publicly condemning the video.

A win is a win: A small Chinese village rejects the state-sponsored candidate in favor of the candidate who has been fighting and jailed for better compensation for the village.

The failure of military leadership: Trying to understand how the “kill team” was allowed to operate in Afghanistan.

Finally, an address to the Nation: President Obama finally decides to talk to us about the war in Libya.  Let’s hope he doesn’t say “this kinetic military action was needed in order to…”

He’s still Prime Minister: Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is on trial for fraud and hasn’t stepped down yet.  There are three more cases coming up.

A labor discrimination case and the Supreme Court: Whether SCOTUS decides to take the largest class action suit in history will enormous implications.  Wal-Mart may want the court to take it – they may rule for them, based on what they’ve done in the past few years.

Pic Via | AP


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