The Morning: March 30, 2011

You made your reputation on this.  Defend yourself or you look like an empty suit: Schools that were lauded by controversial former D.C. Schools chief, Michelle Rhee, show a statically impossible rate of “wrong to right erasures”.  Was there cheating?  Not conclusively.  That doesn’t ameliorate the fact that the numbers are fishy.  Michele Rhee is not always right and her demonizing of teachers and the unions is counterproductive, but she is willing to push where others simply accept the status quo.  Resorting to calling people who demand the same accountability she expects of teachers “enemies” discredits the reform movement.

You were meeting with constituents in Kenya.  That’s on shore, near Wildwood, right? New Jersey Rep, Chris Smith (R – I Decide What You Can Do with your Vagina) visits Kenya to deride a Kenyan law that allows for abortion when the mother’s life is at risk.  Jersey would be better off if Snooki and Pauly D split the responsibilities.

Because the last thing the President wants to do is clarify his position on Gay Rights: After raising hopes that Customs and Immigration would make it just a little easier for gay, married couples to acquire green cards for their spouses, the Administration says “Not so fast”.

Remember, all of this is just to create steam: Hopes of avoiding a meltdown at Fukushima may be far gone.

Will the Roberts Court ever do something benefits anyone? SCOTUS appears to be leaning toward Wal-Mart in the bias case.  This leads Justice Ginsberg to forget where she is for a moment, “Isn’t there some responsibility on the company to say, ‘Is gender discrimination at work?’ and if it is, isn’t there an obligation to stop it?”

SHOW UP WHEN IT COUNTS!Another poll about another make-believe “do-over” election.  This time in Florida.  Governor Rick Scott (R – Whatever, show up next time) would lose by 20 points.  Yay.

Not to repeat myself, but what does the Roberts Court actually do for anyone? Prosecutors hide evidence that would have proven a man’s innocence and instead he is sentenced to death.  He’s exonerated, weeks before execution, and seeks a little compensation.  Justice Thomas decides that there is no proof of “deliberate indifference”, even though there is proof that Harry Connick, Sr and his team deliberately hid evidence.  Maybe Connick, Sr got his son to sing for the court?

This is a scandal? Sen Schumer recommends that fellow Democrats call the Republicans extreme.  Outrage ensues.  Oh, the horror.  My virgin ears.

Do you live in New Hampshire? Republicans are trying to make it harder for people who are expected to vote Democratic to vote.  Tell them no.

I think she actually misspoke: “Squirmish” is fun, but the real question mark is “News Woman” Greta Van Susteren decrying the President for using nuance when describing a was effort.  The North Star stuff was a little weird too.

Pic Via | Charles Dharapak/AP


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