The Morning: April 1, 2011

How many Republican members of Congress are on welfare for rich, white people? Farm subsidies abound.

Awesome: Pastor burns a Koran in Florida, several people are killed during a protest about it in Afghanistan.

The Elecrtrascore: How to watch a baseball game when you’re not at the stadium – in 1912.

Congress gets into the anti-union mood: The House is voting today on amendments to the FAA re-authorization bill.  One amendment would count non-participation in union elections as “no” votes (this used to be the case, but changed last year).  There is also an amendment that would prevent federal funds to be used to implement the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires a prevailing wage to be paid on public projects.  The White House has threatened a veto on this bill.

But can Democrats capture this for the election? More and more people support the unions over the governors trying to bust them.  That’s to be expected.  What we don’t know (and I worry about) is whether the Democrats can translate this into something good in 2012.

Unemployment’s down (a bit), the Stock Market is up (to its highest level since 2008): Guess who’s doing better?

It was just bad timing: And the public outcry is simply a distraction.  Maine Governor LePage blames his problems with trying to pass a draconian budget on the timing of his removal of the labor mural.

Is it bad that I like this ad? Unicorns and teabaggers and the President who brought them together: A fake Republican election ad.

Pretty sure this won’t help Ms. Palin: Sarah Palin wants Wisconsin to support Judge Prosser, who called the Chief Justice a “total bitch”.  But don’t worry, Wisconsin, he says it was totally warranted.

The machines aren’t smarter than us, we’re just lazy: Programmable thermostats help keep us energy-efficient, but only if we actually take the time to set them.  And we don’t.


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