The Morning: April 6th, 2011

To the people of New York: Bellevue is stupid and has nothing to do but bother other cities. They do it to Seattle all the time: A “Gun Rights” organization from Bellevue, WA sues Mayor Bloomberg and NYC over a reasonable gun permit fee.  Apparently a gun permit should only cost $10, less than a driver’s license.

You need money to come forward about this? A Giants’ fan is beaten to a coma in LA.  There may be 100 witnesses, but police still haven’t found the assailants.

GOP budget will ruin Medicare and raise the deficit: Let’s see if the Democrats actually make a winning point on this budget.

He’s on trial for sex with minors and he is still Prime Minister: Viva Italia, I guess?

You almost have to respect the audacity and honesty: Rep. Paul Ryan, who wants to cut $6 trillion by raising taxes on the middle class, privatizing Medicare, and slashing Pell grants stops being coy about it.

You know who supports this monster? “Christian” leader Pat Robertson and Republican “Senator” James Inhofe are still backing Ivory Coast murderer/dictator Laurent Gbagbo.  Mainly because Gbagbo is a Christian and the President-elect, Alassane Ouattara (who, you know, won) is Muslim.

Please vote for me, please vote for me, please vote for me: Mitt Romney begins to pay off the Republican PACs so people will pay attention to him. And forget his healthcare program in my home state.

He’s eight years old: Police in Colorado praise themselves for deciding the best way to d-escalate a tantrum throwing, four-foot tall eight year old was to pepper spray him. “You’ve got teachers barricading themselves in a room. They are obviously frightened,” Davis said. “I think they not only made the right choice, they made a great choice that day to use the pepper spray.” The only thing the news video is missing is the terrifying doom music from T-Paw’s campaign videos.

Eventually Richard Branson is going to become a Bond villain, right? The ultra-rich entrepreneur is now building a deep ocean submarine.

This is the same thing as not wanting to see how sausage is made: “Yet Pringles, which is basically dehydrated potato flakes that are rolled and then fried…”

The Republicans need 218 GOP votes now.  That sounds like their problem, not the Democrats’: 2011 budget talks are staring at the abyss because Republicans have decided to be dicks.

Worst teacher.  Ever. Brought to you by Facebook: A young student gets excited to recreate a fun hair style and her teacher mocks her on Facebook.

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