The Morning: April, 7 2011

This has nothing to do with the budget: Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid meet with the President about the current budget.  With little movement, the Speaker lets us know the real reason: abortion, the EPA, etc, “There’s no agreement on the policy riders.”

Is this what retirement is like? An 85-year old builds a raft made of pipes and sails it across the Atlantic to raise money for clean water.

This is like a cartoon: A 75-year old woman searching for copper wire dug up and cut the one fiber optic cable connected the whole Armenia to the internet.  One cable.

Science is awesome. Period: Scientists have maybe discovered a new particle, most likely the long theorized Higgs-Boson, which unifies the standard model for explaining why certain particles have mass (or something). Maybe.  But still, maybe!

Because bankers don’t go to jail: Bankers at Wachovia ignored the warnings from their internal security and allowed Mexican cartels to launder billions of dollars.  Leave it to a British paper to report on it.

We really are just terrible: Donald Trump, who is only a “candidate” to keep his name in the papers, is polling second in the early race for the GOP nomination.

Our politicians need nicknames: “Sweet Mickey” Martelli wins the presidency in Haiti.  His opponent is alleging fraud.

Yesterday the Republicans (and 17 Democrats) spent the day talking nonsense about cow-farts: Debate about the GOP’s attempt to gut the EPA devolve into Republican assertions that methane from cows is really what the EPA thinks causes Climate Change.

See, Democrats can use their influence improperly too: Rep Maxine Waters looks awful when the full story of her intervention with the Treasury Department on behalf of her friend’s bank is told.

Not to quibble, but this is not voter fraud: ACORN pleads guilty to illegally paying canvassers to register voters, which is registration fraud (and is bad), not voter fraud.

People still won’t the Grammys: The pointless music awards show is slimming down.  Apparently.


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