The Morning: April 8, 2011

It’s been a banner week for Mississippi: First, we find out how little Governor Haley Barbour and his state care to fix the child welfare system.  Now we learn that 46% of Mississippi Republicans want to see anti-miscegenation re-instated.

Nuclear facilities really need to avoid anything that explodes right now: An “unusual event” occurred at Hanford last night.

Just what the Payday lending industry needs after being beat up by mean politicians: An unfortunate, but good, analysis about the boon that could be coming for Payday lenders if the government shuts down.

Be a jackass and not really understand what your job is and Politico will write a glowing profile of you: The wanna-be political paper of record just repeats whatever these freshmen Republicans, who have done nothing but demagogue and obfuscate everything, say is true.

How Science would whether the shutdown? Not well, apparently.

How do we know the good guys are the good guys? Laurent Gbagbo is terrible, but how much better is Alassane Ouattara? More importantly, how does our lack of knowledge and what media we choose to consume affect what we “know?”

I still say they’re living on an island with Elvis: The FBI releases documents relating to Biggie Smalls’ and Tupac’s deaths.

So, they hope we trip over something and want to buy it? Stores are cluttering aisles, filing stores with more junk.  Because we’re just dumb enough to equate mess with value.

Because college students are normally level-headed: Going to college in Arizona?  Annie get your gun!

Oh my! The Gays haven’t ruined everything: About the repeal of DADT, military brass say “There’s not been anxiety over it from the forces in the field…”  All soldiers will be trained by midsummer and DADT will officially be history.

Because exploding stars and black holes are the coolest: Truth.


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