The Morning: April 11, 2011

A little view from “rose-colored glasses”: A decent attempt to understand why the President caved.  It’s straining to be too positive and give the President a pass.

It must be nice for Congress to be able to experiment on the District: Abortion rights, public schools, and a needle injection program all lost out when the President caved and agreed to the FY2011 budget deal.  D.C. effectively lost what little right it already had to self-govern like any other city.

A time in which the White House and the president will actually capitulate…”: That’s Rep. Cantor, shamelessly crowing about having the President over a barrel for the next fight – the debt ceiling.  President Obama and the Democrats have compromised away any bargaining position by refusing to make a case to anyone.  Being against outrageous Republican proposals is not enough.  The problem is compounded when they fold after the GOP starts slinging mud.

All we have to deal with in Glenn Beck: Rupert Murdoch’s paper hacks politicians phones, led by a future member of the future Prime Minister’s staff and somehow gets an investigation put on hold.  Until after the election.

Do apple juice and margarita really look that similar? An Applebees (of course) in Detroit (natch) gets a fourteen-month old pretty tipsy.

Astroseismology is flippin’ awesome: Stars make sounds.  And we (by “we”, I mean those of us who are astroseismologists) can hear them.

Apparently indoor plumbing is the worst: 1.1 billion people don’t have access to clean water.  That number will grow unless we do something now.

I know you are, but what am I? Sick of seeing US,UN, Amnesty, and other reports critical of their human rights record, China takes some time to call us out. Maybe they have a point.

The consequences futuristic warfare: A brutal story of technological mishaps and the dangers of disconnecting the soldier from the battlefield.  Plus, Special Forces actually has a team called the “A-Team”.  And, we paid survivors of our terrible mistake barely more than I receive in unemployment every month.

There are times that “nanny state” is not hyperbole: A public school in Chicago bans sack lunches.  The jackass principal doesn’t think that the students or parents can make the right food decisions.  That, and no sack lunches means that students have to buy lunch from the school’s vendor or go hungry.

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