The Morning: April 12, 2011

I’ve asked this before, but what does Congress actually do? Republicans miss their own deadline for filing the (not-at-all historic, Mr. President) FY 2011 budget compromise that kept the government from shutting down on Friday.

We’re Ikea’s Mexico: Ikea employees in Virginia make $8 per hour with 4 days off per year while their counterparts in Sweden make $19 an hour with 5 weeks off.  Ikea is attempting to stop the Virginia workers from unionizing for better everything.  Don’t shop at Ikea.

It wasn’t for hookers and cocaine? Mayor Gray and members of the City Council are arrested in D.C. while protesting Congress’ outrageous interference in their cities affairs.

Not everything Steve Jobs touches turns to gold: iSteve: A Book of Jobs.

We need to hold this government to account too: The Egyptian military, now running Egypt, sentences a blogger to three years for being critical to the military.  They did so by misleading his defense attorney into missing the court date for sentencing. lying to his defense attorney.

Of course it’s on par with Chernobyl: Japan raises the level of the Fukushima disaster to seven while still maintaining that the radiation danger is not as severe as the Ukrainian meltdown.

What are we coming to when students can’t carry guns on campus in Texas? A bill to allow college students to bring firearms to class actually doesn’t have the votes to make it out of the Texas State Senate.

This is going to end up like The Birds but with porcupines: Pennsylvania asks it’s hunter-citizens to shoot porcupines on sight.

At least T-Paw can balance the boring with weird, terror-filled YouTubes: Mitt Romney announces something – if you can make it to the end of the video, let me know what he says.

Sometimes, baseball doesn’t matter: But you go anyway because of two rivals dedicate a game and raise money for a victim of a brutal assault.  Good on the Dodgers, Giants, and their fans.

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    Great post! I like this stuff.

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