The Morning: April 13, 2011

A public school district is trying something new: L.A. Unified schools will begin evaluating students with a broader system.  They also want to incorporate this broader assessment into teacher reviews.  Everyone will hate it.  Which means they’re probably onto part of the solution.

The “ethics” of biofuels: A report shows that we may need to retool our approach when it comes to bio-fuels.

The GOP is incredibly lucky that Rep. Cantor is not the face of the party: Rep Cantor, the smarmiest man in Congress, claims that Republicans are prepared to play brinksmanship with the debt ceiling.  They will take the country to the edge to extract compromises from the President.  Based on President Obama’s performance so far, Republicans won’t have to go all the way to the precipice.

Penguins are the gateway drug to gay: A children’s book about gay penguins tops the list of “most-challenged” books.  I guess that means good things for Brave New World?

It’s not that I’m running for President, it’s that I’m running for President: T-Paw says, “I’m focused on running for president” and his campaign spends the rest of the night accusing CNN of taking the quote out of context.

Our crumbling society: We’ve come to this.  People taking advantage of our most desperate neighbors to make “girl on homeless guy” fight videos.

Science proves we only invented writing to buy stuff: The world’s oldest writing is a receipt.  For clothes.

Oh, I get it: Congress is full of properly trained scientists: In another win for non-budget policy riders, Congress just cold decided that the endangered Rocky Mountain wolf is not actually endangered. And the rider is not subject to judicial review.  Yay, Congress!

Guess which state is defying a Supreme Court decision that made anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional: “Police officers threatened to book the men, citing the “homosexual conduct language of the state penal code…”

As is banning books about gay penguins wasn’t enough: Global warming is threatening two species of penguins in the Antarctic.

Where’s my colony on Mars? And the jetpacks to get there.

Spiderman, Spiderman, George Takei should be Spiderman: Awe.some.

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