The Morning: April 14, 2011

Sentence of the day: “Humans then will have their first definitive look at the great beyond.” Voyager 1 will enter deep space at some point in the next few years.  It will be the first man-made object to leave the solar system.  That means Bach, Chuck Berry, Blind Willie Johnson, and greetings in 55 languages will be out there forever, for anyone to find.

“We recommend that you locate your office where the household income is $30,000 or less…”: An in-depth look at the awful world of paid tax preparation.  Guess how much money they charge (steal) from poor tax payers.

We seem to be saying, not all dictators are bad: Bahrain, home of our Fifth Fleet, is till cracking down and killing protestors.  Zainab al-Khawaja, a 27-year old mother, is on the fourth day of a hunger strike.  Her apartment was stormed and her father, a government critic, was taken.  He hasn’t been heard from since.  Our silence is deafening.

Right, it’s the videos of dirty farms and animal abuse that are hurting the industry: States, prodded by the poor farming conglomerates, are debating laws to make undercover operations at farms illegal.  While it’s not always pretty, these stings have uncovered incredibly unhealthy, unsanitary, and dangerous practices at many factory farms.  The government didn’t discover any of it – animal rights groups did.

The bad teachers keep attempting to top the other bad teachers: A kindergartener keeps a less-than neat desk area.  His horrible excuse for a human teacher encourages the other students to oink at him.

Republicans might be beginning to overreach: Republicans say they aren’t going to work with the President on the budget.  They have no reason to right now – each previous round has gone to them.  Still, they might be mis-judging reaction to the Presidents (good) deficit address.

“It begs the question…” doesn’t mean what I think it means? Language police wonder when we will literally obliterate the real meaning of words and phrases.

Will we ever be free of the scourge of stale beer? Someone paid for a study to show that you beer should always stay cold to avoid skunking.

Is there no P.R. Officer for this Police Department? An officer in New York State shoots a teenage suspect.  The officer claimed the teen was attempting to run him over.  Witnesses disagree.  Apparently the investigation by the police department was not impartial.  No one really knows what happened.  The Justice Department is now investigating the shooting.  What happens? The officer is awarded “policeman of the year” by his union (natch).

Apparently his “Google problem” is not enough to keep him out of the race: Rick Santorum, who was somehow an elected official once, announces his Presidential bid. Or whatever passes for an announcement with the new campaign finance laws.


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